Shamara Smith


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Desert View High School
Tucson, Arizona

Jungle Talk Contest Winner, January 2017

Favorite Class and Why: 

My favorite class is Creative Writing. Having the ability to express all the creativity rattling around in my brain longing to see the light is just such a refreshing feeling

Hobby or Your Favorite Thing to do in Your Free Time: 
My favorite thing to do in my free time is to read. I love reading all the creative stories that take me to a fictional or alternative reality that is far different and much more magical than our own.
Clubs or Extra-Curricular Activities: 
Spectrum Club, National Honors Society, Community Service
Plans after High School/College: 
My plans after high school is to attend the University of Arizona and going into a career in public health. I love helping others and learning about medicine so it's a win-win career.
Favorite Personal Finance Topic: 
My favorite personal finance topic is budgeting. I'm a very organized person who finds making to-do lists very relaxing, so just planning out finances into categories and deciding what and how much to spend is my cup of tea.
Interesting Fact: 
An interesting fact about me is that I love the snow.
Spring 2018