Nichelle Tesone


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Rock Canyon High School
Littleton, Colorado

 Your Money, It All Add$ Up Poster Contest Grand Prize Winner

Favorite Class and Why:

U.S. History because I enjoyed learning about my country and the way it's changed over the years. I had a great teacher that was passionate about teaching and creativity.

Hobby or Your Favorite Thing to do in Your Free Time:

I love doing anything creative, like drawing, painting, baking, or designing.

Clubs or Extra-Curricular Activities:

I was the photo editor of my yearbook staff and we're one of the top books in the country. Last year, we were a Pacemaker Finalist. I was also a design editor of my high school's literary magazine. I've participated in theater, Fellowship of Christian Students, and an Invisible Children club in high school.

Plans after High School/College:

I plan to attend the University of Colorado Denver and study Digital Design in the Media & Arts program.

Favorite Personal Finance Topic:

Money Management

Interesting Fact:

I'm currently a vegetarian and eventually transitioning into becoming a vegan.

Spring 2012