Grace K.


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Frankenmuth High School
Frankenmuth, MI

Jungle Talk Contest Winner, October 2016

Favorite Class and Why: My favorite class is physiology because of learning about the human body and its structure/functions! Not only is it interesting to learn about how the body works, but to have hands on learning while I dissect things myself!

Hobby or Your Favorite Thing to do in Your Free Time: My favorite hobby is to play volleyball and enjoy time with friends!
Clubs or Extra-Curricular Activities: Volleyball, track, church dance ministry, church wind ensemble, and youth group
Plans after High School/College: My plans after high school are to attend a college/university somewhere in Michigan and pursue a career in the medical field.
Favorite Personal Finance Topic: How to Earn Money for College While Still in High School
Interesting Fact: My favorite animal has always been the dolphin! My lifelong goal is to one day swim with them.
Fall 2016