Erika Peter


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Billings West High School
Billings, Montana

Jungle Talk Contest Winner, Spring 2011

Favorite Class and Why:
Accounting because I love the subject and the teacher.

Hobby or your favorite thing to do in your free time: Spending time with friends and family but I work a lot.

Clubs or extra- curricular activities:
National Honor Society and a part time job.

Plans after high school:
Attending the University of Montana in Missoula, MT to study International Business.

Favorite personal finance topic:
Savings and spending plans

Favorite FEFE activity:
I like the technology stuff like Animoto.

Part time job or jobs:

  • Babysitting for the last 4 years where I learned children have a lot more energy than I do.
  • Office Depot for two years where I learned working in retail is hard and I will always be nice to cashiers.
  • Bennion Orthodontics where I have learned that working full time is difficult but it pays off and I do not want to look at people‚Äôs mouth the rest of my life.

My favorite part of working is obviously the paycheck but I also enjoy new experiences.

Spring 2011