Abbey K.


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Frankenmuth High School
Frankenmuth, MI

Jungle Talk Contest Winner, September 2016

Favorite Class and Why: My favorite class is Geometry. It is my favorite class because my teacher, Mr. Keller, works really hard to present the material in a way the students can understand. The topics are interesting and applicable to the real world.​

Hobby or Your Favorite Thing to do in Your Free Time: Soccer is my favorite hobby.  It gives me an opportunity to compete in a team sport that requires both physical and mental agility.
Clubs or Extra-Curricular Activities: Soccer, Cross-Country, Student Council, Ski Club, St Lorenz Youth Group (INAMIAH)​
Plans after High School/College: After high school, I will continue my education at a university to study veterinary science or special education.
Favorite Personal Finance Topic: Investments
Interesting Fact: I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my little brother, Brody. He is 10 years younger than me and he thinks the world of me. He inspires me to see the world through his eyes and to show him how to be a good person.​
Fall 2016