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Arizona 2008

It’s hard to swallow the fact that my credit card got scammed when I could’ve prevented it. I was purchasing a new couch in a nearby town last month and the salesman asked for my credit card as well as photo id to copy on file for payment. The salesman seemed like he didn’t know what he was doing with the copy machine, dropped my cards on the floor and fumbled to pick them up and handed them back to be stuffed in my receipt and warranty. By the time the transaction was complete, quite a line of other folks waiting to be checked out had formed behind me. I felt hurried and didn’t check to see if my card was there, and a few days later, a cell phone company called me to activate the new account I had supposedly just purchased. That’s when I realized that my card had been lost in the shuffle of the furniture store. I am still sorting things out with my credit card company and the cell phone store to close the account and settle all of the deactivation fees. It makes me angry that I could have prevented this and that the cashier could have been plotting this fraud all along.

Bottom Line: 

It doesn’t matter how much of a hurry you are in, it is always important to make sure you have collected your cards to save a lot of hassle in the future.

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