Who can check their report?


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Can someone under 18 check their credit report?  If so, what steps should they follow to check their report?


Yes, anyone that has a credit report can view a copy of their credit report. However, if you have never used credit before, there is a possibility that you will not have a credit report yet, because there isn’t any information to include in that report. To receive a copy of your credit report, follow the instructions in the Secrets Revealed: How Do I Obtain My Credit Report? article. This article will tell you exactly what to do to obtain a copy of your credit report from one or all three of the credit bureaus. I would also suggest reading the rest of the Credit Report articles, especially if you would like to learn how to begin developing positive credit history if you currently don’t have any information on your credit report.

Even if you have never used credit it may be a good idea to check your credit report, because there is always the possibility of identity theft (meaning that someone has used your information to obtain credit under your name). It is smart to make sure that no fraudulent or wrong information is included on your credit report. Read the Identity Theft articles to learn more about identity theft and how to protect yourself.

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