Social Capital…What Does it Mean?


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Where do you go to when you need help? You probably go to your friends. Or you probably go to your family. Or you probably go to your teachers or church leaders.

But what happens if you can’t turn to any of those people?

Well, you’re in luck. Because you’re a part of a community! And that entitles you to social capital. If you don’t know what social capital is, that’s fine…because I never really knew either. So let me explain. Social capital is the access a person has to social relationships that can provide resources. 

And exactly does that entail?food

Non-profit organizations:

These are organizations that operate from donations, fundraising, and grants. They provide various services for various situations. Organizations such as Boys and Girls Club and the YMCA provide services for kids who can’t afford extra-curricular activities or other services. Food banks are another type of non-profit organization that provide people with food and hot meals who can’t afford them. 

So how do these organizations help you gain social capital? 

Well, first off, if you yourself ever need to partake in the services these organizations provide…they are there for you. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever given money to the cause or anything, you can reap the benefits of these organizations.

Secondly, you can give to these organizations. They are always looking for volunteers…for people to serve food, or for people to mentor younger children. Through volunteering, you can make relationships with new people, and create a new support system for yourself. You can learn through other people and other peoples’ experiences. This can open you up to a whole different part of the community you didn’t know existed.

Maybe you don’t believe in karma, but when you do good things…usually good things happen to you. And non-profit organizations are here to help you gain social capital, and thus have good things happen to you. 

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