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A Formula for Happiness

Even though we may not think about it, it is important to stop and take a “happiness check” every once in a while, before we drown in deadlines and stress.


Your Financial Future

Financial planning is where we set goals for our finances to manage our money in a positive manner and increase our net worth.

Identity Theft: More Than a Movie

Now we can do things faster, better and with the touch of a finger. Even though the Internet has given us the ability to do things faster and more efficiently, there are many risks of giving out your personal information online that could make you vulnerable for identity theft. 

Filing Taxes for Dependents

We always relied on our parents to claim us on their taxes, but now that we are earning income, we need help! 


SMART Goal Setting

No matter the goal, it is important to plan it out in a way that makes it more likely that you will be able to follow through with it. 

The Gift of Giving

Rather than giving something away to someone else that inflicts a net cost on ourselves, we are simply exchanging one thing- be it money, time, or energy, for another: our own happiness and fulfillment. That is the essence of giving.

Financing the Dream

Katherine tells a story of two girls living in NYC doing lots of little things to help them save money.