The Heart, The Brain, and the Wallet


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Student Editor: Shamara Smith

We all want the new and shiny items that life has to offer
That new makeup set your favorite Youtuber reviewed
The new shoes with the matching gym shorts you see all the instagram models wearing
The new phone that everyone is raving about its new features
That new whatever is trending at the moment
You get excited just thinking about it
And with all your heart and your mind, you’re going to get it
But there's one teeny, tiny problem
Your Wallet.
That pesky wallet will try to stop you every time.
“Oh, but what about this bill, or that bill” it pleads
“Your mom’s birthday is coming up, you HAVE to get her a present. I mean she's your mother”
Rattling in your brain day and night all the bills, presents, all the things you desire
All too much for your wallet to handle

Do you choose to pay your bill late and risk getting kick out?
Do you choose to not buy your loved ones the present they always wanted
That you are finally able to afford?
This just leaves you with one thing left to take out
Say goodbye to all your gems and jewels because you are a responsible adult
With responsible obligations

Many of you can be considered as compulsive spenders and don’t think the same way as
described above. You see something you like and just buy it.
Simple as that.
It’s so common. It’s categorized as an epidemic as well as a disorder wouldn’t you believe
There no wonder there are hundreds of apps that help you track...
How much you spend.
What you spend it on

Despite this epidemic, this is just the tip of the iceberg of spending or in this case
The act of not spending.
There isn’t much talk about the other side of the spending world
The side where the wallet is the dictator
Where the wallet is the guide to the answer and the brain is the executor
Brains like mine progress spending different
Its says, “You’ll need this money later.” and “What if this happens?”
Of course, the grass is always greener on the other side
People like me wish they spent their money spontaneously and on luxury items
While the others wish they were more meticulous and cautious like us
But what I haven’t realized until recently is that...
There’s a middle ground
A way to get the best of both worlds
That UNIMAGINABLE, hack, trick whatever you want to call it, is surprisingly simple
Planning your finances, budgeting.
Yeah, better said than done right
Everyone is different, everyone has their methods
But it works all the same
Setting aside your finances for specific needs (eg. Groceries,fun, schooling)
Splitting your checks up to the desired wants and needs
Setting aside five dollars every paycheck saving up to buy that new phone, or those new
Whatever you desire, your saving
Budgeting pleases the heart
Pleases the brain
Pleases the wallet




Discussion Question: Who is the dictator in your spending habits; your heart, your brain, or your wallet?