The Good, The Bad and The Social


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Student Editor: Arlinne R.

It was seventh grade when I first received my own computer and with that came access to the internet. With this global access to information came global communication: social media. Facebook, now twelve years old, was barely gaining popularity. It seemed as if everyone was making a Facebook account and I was part of that crowd. Now 2016, it seems that everyone not only has a Facebook account but a Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and numerous other social media accounts. Because of the ease of being able to communicate instantaneously, social media has become a significant portion of our everyday lives and like everything, social media has its good and bad side that every user of social media should be aware of. 

Do you remember what communicating with friends was like before social media? If you don’t, it meant calling a home phone only to have your friend’s mother transfer the call or riding your bike over to their house and talking, in person. This isn’t rare but when you want to know how your friend is doing, you usually grab your phone and send a “snapchat” or Facebook message instead. Social media has made communicating with others easier and faster. Whether it’s your friend from school or someone in another country, social media lets us communicate with a click of a button. Not only does social media allow us to stay in touch with others but it allows us to express ourselves by sharing or posting about our favorite music, shows, artists and any topic possible. But with these benefits of social media come some disadvantages. Social media can become a huge consumption of time and can hold back someone from important activities such as schoolwork and family bonding. If not careful with the information that is public on social media, the privacy of the user can be in danger and can lead to identity theft and hacking. All users should be aware of what the use of social media consists of.

To fully take advantage of social media, we must be aware of the positive and negative aspects of it. Communication has been made almost instantaneous because of social media and letting everyone know about how much you love your favorite artist is as easy as typing a few words and clicking a button. But with social media comes the need to be cautious about the time we spend online and how our personal information is viewed by others. With good balance and prevention, social media is a tool that can place the world in the hands of the user.

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