Spring Break on a Budget


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Spring break is right around the corner. But what if your wallet is so empty, that you can’t go on any exciting vacations? Well, here are some ideas of things you can do to keep your break exciting – and cheap. 

1. Discover a new local restaurant – Do you ever find yourself pondering where you want to go out and eat at…and find yourself at the same place you always visit? Well, use this spring break to find a new place! Maybe try a different type of food. Maybe try to find a restaurant with the cheapest menu, or best lunch special. Check out urbanspoon.com to find different restaurants where you live!


2. Have a movie marathon – At most grocery stores, you can find a machine that rents movies for around $1 a day. Grab some friends, choose a couple movies, and have yourself a movie night! Maybe hit the closest dollar store while you’re at it to grab cheap snacks. You can also check to see if there is a local theatre that plays older movies for cheap.


3. Get outdoorsy – If you can, go camping! Why spend money on an expensive hotel, when you can enjoy the great outdoors. If that’s not your thing, try hiking, or even go on a bike ride through the park. Have a picnic. Play a game of soccer. Go fishing. There are so many things you can do outside, why not take advantage of it? 


4. Go on a scavenger hunt – You might think you know your city…but having a scavenger hunt can be a great way to discover new things! It can also help get you out of your comfort zone and find something exciting. Grab a group of friends, or you can even go solo, and have an adventure. Check out this website for lists of things to hunt for: http://www.coolest-parties.com/scavenger-hunt-list-ideas.html.


5. Create something – Take this free time you have to make something. If you go on www.pinterest.com you can find lots of different craft ideas or recipes to try. If that’s not up your alley, you can work on organizing your room or maybe fixing up your car. Just take this time off to work on something that maybe you don’t have time for when you have to go to school.  

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