Saving for Silence


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Student Editor: Anna Keniston

One foot after the other I made my way down the street. There was a skip in my step as I walked to the beat of my favorite song. Two pennies and a dime were the only things that occupied my pockets. Why would I ever need more? Then, spinning my headphone cord around my phone, an earphone died. The string of music continued in one ear, it entered my ear but went into my soul. Unluckily, the other ear received silence. Wondering if I’ve gone deaf, I switched the earbuds. Now the other one got the beat and the other nothing… My heart sunk lower than the Titanic ever could. 


My parents soon turned down my request for a replacement and said I could get them myself. I complained that the task was impossible “I only get $5 a week for chores!” I wish I would have been putting some of that money away for this very rainy day.

Although disheartened I roamed through the store. It had to be fate because a pair was on sale! Fifteen dollars was a pretty good price for some headphones. Then my eyes drifted and they wandered around. Finally, they fell on something they had never seen before. Brand new headphones with noise canceling and written on the box was ‘Guaranteed to not break easily’. It was love at first sight and I could never go back. I had to have them and I had to find a way. 

The next day I received my five dollars, and instead of blowing it on candy, I put three of them in a box in my room. I promised not to touch them and just let them stay. I repeated the process week after week. I started playing games like Cargo Bridge ( to help practice saving. Three dollars turned in thirty-six in no time. I thought it wasn’t growing fast enough, so I started saving four and took on a part time job walking the dogs of my neighbors. My teacher suggested I do some research on the importance of saving. Soon I was on sights like (  Now I make enough money to save six dollars. Week after week my money grew. After more weeks passed, I had saved over $150! That was more than enough to get my dream headphones. 

That evening I gave the cashier the money that I earned in exchange for the pair. I ran home and grabbed my phone. Plugging them into the phone, I chose the perfect song. I flipped the switch for the noise cancelling, played the song, and collapsed onto my bed. 

I have never been so relaxed. All my problems went away with a flip of a switch. Saving for it made it all that much sweeter.  It may have taken time but it was so worth it. I knew that I would take such great care of these headphones for years to come.