Organize Your Finances with Technology


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Student Editor: Eyad K.

Organizing one’s finances can be dreadful. We all know that we need to do it, yet most of us can never seem to get it right. Luckily, we live in the 21st century, and technology has outperformed our human expectations. The story is no different with personal finance.

This article will explore two popular apps for organizing one’s finances, specifically related to spending/budgeting, and saving. Most importantly, however, these apps will help you gain a true sense of your priorities when it comes to what you want to have in life, and will then create a clear guide for how you can achieve those wants financially.

The first app we will discuss is Pluto. This app is quite new, but it is very handy. With Pluto, one can set savings goals for big ticket items (such as a fancy vacation, a new car, etc.). The app also tracks your spending habits once linked to a bank account, and even makes suggestions as to what you can cut back on to further reach your goals. All you have to do is set your goals, and work towards them bit by bit!

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If you want to get more in depth with your finances, then Evernote is an excellent tool to use. Evernote was designed to allow users to synchronize notes across devices. Evernote is quite popular, and countless users have used it in many creative ways to track their finances. Examples range from mundane tasks like tracking expenses to keeping note of exciting new investment ideas or quickly taking note of gift ideas that suddenly emerge every now and then (it’s a good idea to write a cool gift idea down quickly so as to not forget it later on).

There are tons of great money management software applications out there, and the best part is, most of them are free. Other popular services include Mint and YNAB (You Need A Budget). Each app may have its own niche, so find the right one that works for you, and stick with it! Technology is a great tool for organizing one’s financial life, so that they can spend more time and energy doing the things they love.