Max’s Taxes


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Max Finkleton is a 17-year-old teenager. He is just about to become an adult and does not know anything about taxes. So he decides to do some research.

Max starts to walk around his community to get to know about how taxes relate to people in his community. The first person he talks to is Danny. Danny tells him there is a community property tax for a married couple.  The second person, Hunter, tells him that anyone that buys something pays a sales tax. Hunter also tells him that when a person has a job, there are taxes that are pulled out of their paycheck.

After walking around his community, Max finds a few other friendly people who will share their tax tips. He finds out from a lady named McKelle that “tax dollars from a variety of sources benefit you, your family and your neighbors, no matter the size of income.”(1) A girl named Paige then tells him that taxes benefit children because it provides funds for the local schools. Taxes pay for public schools, public education, and libraries.

After all that, Max goes back home and looks on the Internet to find out why we pay taxes. He finds out that “everyone pays taxes in one form or another - mostly income and sales taxes.”(2)     

In the end, Max realized that taxes are important and they help benefit the community. Most of the time we don’t realize that the services we use are paid for by taxes.

Now that you’re a little more familiar with taxes, what are some things taxes can do for you today or tomorrow or even next week?



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