Looking Good, Without Spending Much


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Student Editor: Arlinne R.

When I started middle school, I realized that I started caring a lot more about how I looked in front of the mirror and in the eyes of others. I wanted to fit in with a certain image that the people around me told me was the “right” image. It took some time for me to realize that there was no “right” image to mold myself into. Because of all the efforts I made to fit in, I stopped caring for myself and drifted away from a healthy image. I learned that a healthy image didn’t come from buying expensive clothes and phones but from caring for my physical and mental well-being. 

Buying expensive clothes and the latest phone may create a “good” image in the eyes of classmates and friends. But having a healthy image is much more important. Having a healthy image means caring for yourself in ways that will help you not only in the present and future but in ways that will make you feel good about yourself. We like to refer to this as “investing in yourself” by exercising, eating right and getting an education and skills that make you a more well-rounded person. By investing in who you are as a person, the skills and traits you have will always be there even when the clothes go out of style a new iPhone comes out. 

But how do you create a healthy image for yourself? Physically, creating a healthy image means eating right, exercising and sleeping properly. Eating right consists of eating a wide variety of foods like fruits and vegetables but also balancing out with your favorite foods every once in awhile. Exercising can be a fun way of moving around whether it be playing a sport or walking the dog every day while making sure to sleep enough hours and resting your body after a long day. Mentally, creating a healthy image revolves around your mind and its thoughts. Stress and anxiety can occur when school and other everyday activities become overwhelming but it’s important to organize, prioritize and relax. It is also important to care for yourself by gaining as much knowledge as you can whether it be by going to school, reading or anything where you learn something new. 

In the end, having a healthy image isn’t about spending too much money on clothes and the latest gadget. It’s about liking yourself for who you are and always working towards being a better person.