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Student Editor: Max Kennedy
Big grocery bill again, eh? How do you shop when you go to the super market? Well, let me list a few habits people do while buying groceries: buying too much food (such as junk food), shopping weekly, shopping on an empty stomach, and rushing. Sound familiar? Saving money on groceries isn't as hard as it seems. Follow these pointers and learn how to shop cheaper and pocket more cash.
  1. Make a meal plan before shopping 
One of the biggest reasons people spend too much money on groceries is they do not know exactly what they are going to buy when they go to the store. How does this happen? People know why they go to the store, however at the store temptation and uncertainty come in. You shop, see "good" deals, and you end up putting unnecessary items in your cart. Before you know it, you’re at the cash register facing a monstrous bill. Instead make a list of groceries that you know you'll need, especially when planning your next set of meals.
  1. Time management
When you need to buy groceries, make sure that's all you’re doing. Another habit people do when going to the grocery store is rushing. For example, you know you have a business meeting at two in the afternoon and you decide to hit the grocery store at eleven in the morning. Now you may be an expert at this, but know that if you have something more important in mind, you’re more likely to be in a rush without subconsciously being aware of it. There are countless reasons why time may not be on your side, but consider planning to go grocery shopping on your free days. Here's a side tip; don't go shopping on an empty stomach. This can also result in rushing, because you are thinking "I need to get something to eat”, which could limit your focus.
  1. Stay updated with sales and use coupons
If you get the newspaper then chances are, you also have a section for grocery sales. Check weekly for good deals and prices of food items. This habit can also help improve time management so that you know what to buy and when to buy it. And if you don't get the morning paper, that’s not an excuse because most grocery stores have a news rack in their store highlighting daily sales. What people don't realize is that couponing can save thousands of dollars annually.  Having a long-term mindset helps you keep more “green” in your wallet, while shopping smarter and healthier.
Are you already applying any of these smart habits while grocery shopping? There are many ways to shop smarter, so find the best methods that work for you. Nothing becomes second nature overnight, so make it a practice to apply these money saving habits during your shopping routine. You will discover the money saving remedies of buying groceries. 
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