How to Adult: Health Insurance Edition


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Student Editor: Andrea G.

Adulthood is exciting. Adults have more liberty and authority, and they just seem to know everything. It seems like just by turning 21, you are an expert in political policies and quantum physics. Yet, adulthood is also endowed with responsibilities like filing taxes and paying bills. But the great mystery about adulthood that seems to challenge even the best adult minds is health insurance. Many people wonder: “How does insurance protect me?” and “How do I know I am paying too much for insurance?” Unfortunately, the topic of health insurance is not a conversion that is had too often, and we should. In fact, in 2010, reported 13 million people of ages 19-29 that were uninsured. Today, health insurance is a topic that is brought up in presidential debates, criticized in newspapers, and searched on the Internet. So how much do you know about health insurance?

Why it’s important

It might be surprising that medical expenses are a leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the country. The truth is that even though most of us are healthy, we never know when we might end up paying a hefty hospital bill. Health insurance covers a large amount of hospital bills, medications and treatments, as well as any rehabilitation therapy or clinics that you may need. Health insurance is important for older people, since they have a greater need for health benefits that may be covered by health insurance. Nevertheless, health issues do not give warnings and many do not discriminate against age, so it is still important for young adults to get health insurance. The most important thing about health care is that you find a plan that works for you. Since health care costs increase depending on your coverage, it is essential that you explore options that cover exactly what you need to avoid paying unnecessary costs.

How to get health insurance

health insurance

Most people under the age of 26 years old are covered by their parent’s health insurance now due to the Affordable Care Act. Hence, you might already be covered by your parents’ health insurance, but it is still important to double check and take the necessary steps to ensure that you are covered. Another option is to pay for health insurance either through your employer or through Obamacare. First, let’s explore paying for health insurance through your employer. Many employers offer health care plans that will be paid for in small amounts taken out of your paycheck automatically. Many health care plans are extensive, and may be even more than you need, but it is an easy way to get covered. Next, the website created by the Affordable Care Act allows you to easily compare various health care plans based on your needs. Finally, you can explore health care options on your own, and it is also important to know that there are government-aid health care programs for people with limited resources, for example Medicare and AHCCCS health care in Arizona.

Evidently, health insurance is not something young adults should take for granted. By being covered, you can avoid medical debt that could take a negative toll in your financial future. Protect your well-being, wallet, and future.