How Do You Get Places While Saving Money?


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Today’s economy has changed the way we all think about energy and money. Getting to where you need to be may be a hassle, but maybe carpooling with friends can make the trip fun. If you or the driver has a hybrid, even better! If your job is close enough, try walking or biking because it’ll decrease air pollution and push a little exercise into your routine. Public transportation is another option. Bus stops are on corners close to you and their schedules can be found online. Being on time for the bus will always keep you aware of getting to work early or right on the dot. Plus, you save a lot of what was supposed to be gas money by just spending a couple of dollars when you get on and get off your stop. Heck, you can even rent a car if you don’t want all the attachments that come with buying your own car.

Remember, owning your own car is a privilege but a great liability. When owning a car, you have to get insurance, maintain it in good condition, and pay for gas (that is, if you don’t get into any fender benders or any other accidents). Whether you drive an old or new vehicle, both run on gas. According to Nicole Yorio Jurick, writer for Self magazine, you can “improve gas mileage by up to 3 percent” by maintaining proper tire pressure. Taking out some of the items in your back seat and trunk can also improve it by 2 percent, making a “yearly savings of $470.”  We don’t see many people walking or biking to their destination but if more people chose to, it would do wonders to our environment. The bus is another option that’s a great gas and money saver. When taking the bus, it’s a massive carpool trip and a lot cheaper than paying about $5 a week. There are many ways to get to your destinations; it just depends on what and how much you want to save.


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