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Like bicycling, walking brings benefits to your health and the environment. What makes walking most important, however, is the fact that it is F-R-E-E! So when you are thinking about how to minimize your expenses, consider if you might be able to live close to work or school and simply use your feet as your primary mode of transport. 

Walking may sound strange to many of us but remember, there are millions of Americans living in our largest cities such as New York and Chicago who do not now and have never owned a car. They find it much cheaper (remember parking fees alone in a big city can cost hundreds of dollars per month). It is also easier for them to use mass transit and to walk from a station to their final destination than to put up with the expense and hassle of owning a car. When they need to travel long distances they either use long distance mass transit systems such as airlines, bus lines or Amtrak, or else use rental car services like ZipCar for a few days. 

Considering that these occasions are few, walking is still by far the least expensive, the healthiest and most environmentally friendly way to get around


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