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Bicycling is a great mode of transportation. It also generates savings in more than one area of your budget. Including the purchase price of a new bicycle, on average the first year of operating a bike bears a cost of around $300.00. That’s less than 6 bucks a week. In the following years, you can expect this cost to drop to $50.00 or less per year. In addition to saving you a sizable amount of money each year, bicycling may bring down your healthcare costs by keeping you physically fit and active. There is also the benefit to the environment to consider as bicycling runs on “people power” rather than by burning fossil fuels. Unlike the previously mentioned modes of transportation, bicycles produce zero air-pollution, do not require massive street systems and large parking facilities and are extremely inexpensive to operate and maintain. In addition, they run on your schedule, just like a personal vehicle, so they give you lots of flexibility and control. 

Many cities in the US have begun including bicycle lanes and bike crossings in their road systems. Compared to many countries around the world, such as the Netherlands, Japan and China, where hundreds of thousands of people use bicycles as their primary mode of getting around, American cities embraced bicycling as an important mode of urban transportation more recently. Regardless, these developments provide enhanced rider safety and encourage more people to take to the pedal. It is a good time to be a bicycler. 




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