Expecting the Unexpected; Ways to Keep Your Car in Tip Top Shape


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One day last year, my roommate and I decided to run some errands. She was the only one with a car, so she offered to drive. Nonchalantly, we walked to her car ready to take on the day…until something made her stop in her tracksI looked. Her driver’s side window was shattered. Her wallet and Kindle were stolen. 

I looked. Her driver’s side window was shattered. Her wallet and Kindle were stolen.

A couple things helped to make this situation a little less traumatic, and a couple of things could’ve helped to prevent this situation.

The most important thing in this situation was car insurance. This aspect is crucial to the owning of a car. Even if you think you’ll never get in an accident, or you’re world’s safest driver, you have to have your car insured. Basically, insurance helps to alleviate costs of an accident and helps prepare you for the unexpected. In the situation of my roommate, because she had comprehensive coverage, this meant that she could have her window replaced, free of charge. She also received compensation for her stolen Kindle.

Another important thing to do to ensure the protection of your car is to have a security system. A car alarm is a great way to prevent your car from being stolen, or give you notification if the car is broken into. Even if your car doesn’t come with an alarm, or you can’t afford one, there are extra measures you can take. My roommate already had an alarm system, but to ensure ultimate security, she bought an inexpensive steering wheel lock that you can find at any local auto parts store. It locked her steering wheel, so there was almost no way to have her car stolen.

Aside from ways to prevent your car from being stolen, other measures can be taken to prevent accidents and malfunctions. Even if your car doesn’t seem to be running badly, it’s always important to go in for regular oil changes. When you do so, mechanics can also find other problems in your car even if you don’t know they exist. Furthermore, make sure your tires are in good shape. A bald tire can lead to spin outs, thus leading to accidents.

Like in the case of my roommate, there are simple steps that can be taken to ensure your car’s security. Make sure you don’t leave valuables in your car. Make sure you have some form of security. Make sure your car is maintained. Make sure you have insurance (because you can’t drive without it).

Obviously accidents will happen. But taking these steps will help you prepare for the unexpected!


Student Editor: 


The protection of the vehicle

The protection of the vehicle is very important as we never know what can happen in future. We have to be prepared for the unexpected. So a vehicle insurance is very much important.  Regular maintenance is needed that will save you from accidents. A car alarm is very helpful to avoid the risk of being stolen. All these steps if taken care of can save you from big troubles.

Buy like a rich man, care like a poor man

My father always use to say one thing, whenever you buy a new stuff buy like you are the king spend as much as you can. But once the thing is yours take care of it like it's your only stuff. I follow the same, taking care of your car means less times to spend at a service center. Taking care of minute things means care of bigger things are done. I try to make things simple like not exposing your car to un wanted areas. I use to take my car to a near by service center on a regular interval.

Car Repair and Maintenance

Being a responsible car owner, One should be more careful regarding his/her old used car models. Car repair and car insurance are more necessary for an old car user. Proper maintenance and care of a car will be very much crucial for the good performance of a car. One need to take the car to a good and affordable Auto repair center for the repairing and servicing purpose.

If you're owning a car then

If you're owning a car then you should also have insurance, doing otherwise would be stupid. Cars can be costly but not being covered while getting into trouble can be financially devastating. being insured definetely helps.