D-I-Y Home Decoration


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Student Editor: Grace Kaiser

Because of Consumer Jungle’s decision to join the d-i-y revolution, I have thought about ways in which I, too, can help save money and build up my skills. The project that I plan to research and strive for is d-i-y home decoration. Instead of spending hundreds, possibly thousands of dollars on decorations for the house, why not just do it yourself?

Creating your own home décor is not difficult, it just takes a little determination and creativity. Many parents, mothers especially, stress about the various decorations that they have around the house and always want to impress their guests and have a presentable looking house. Some people even go to the extreme of hiring their own interior decorator, which on average, costs around $5,240! However, not all families have the financial stability to have all of the fanciest, most luxurious decorations in the world, let alone their own personal interior decorator. There is one simple solution to this crisis – doing it yourself. By using resources that you have at your house, and your own creative mind, you can create elegant decorations to beautify your home, all while saving an extreme amount of money. These d-i-y decorations could vary from items hanging on a wall, to sitting on a shelf, or anywhere you would like! Don’t worry, you don’t have to come up with these amazing ideas all by yourself, websites such as Pinterest and the internet are full of hundreds of ideas! Most of these projects require ordinary, everyday items, and if shopping is required, the items needed are very cheap! Even with just the simplest of objects, beautiful decorations can be made. For example, using just a couple old whiskey barrels can create a beautiful, rustic looking coffee table! All it requires are whiskey barrels, hinges, wood stain, and chest lids — all cheap or easily accessible items! This creates a sturdy, decorative, and useful coffee table, with very little money needed. This is just one of the dozens and dozens of projects that you can do yourself to decorate your home!

By doing simple things such as using ordinary house items to create decorations for the house, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Creating your own decorations not only uses old items that otherwise go to waste, but also allows you to spend money in other ways. This could include donating to organizations to help the poor or giving to the community, all helping others. One simple thing like creating d-i-y home decorations can simply save money, along with allowing more money in your budget to donate and help the world become a better place.