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Getting Active

Becoming active and creating a better YOU has never been easier! Forget about having to set aside a whole day, or being a part of a rigorous work out that isn’t meant for you. Read on to find out about the easiest ways to get your body moving and finding the best workouts that are right for you.

Health Insurance Made Easy!

Health insurance is an important facet of our society. Having an understanding of what it entails and what might be available to you is important to ensure that you have the right amount of coverage. Join Anita as she delves into the topic of health insurance.

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Happy Wallet, Happy Life

They say money makes the world go round, but if managed incorrectly it can really rain on your parade! Here are some tips about reducing your stress level when it comes to personal finances.

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The Economics of Hiking

Congratulations to this month’s Jungle Talk Winner, Tyler Barringer! His article “The Economics of Hiking” shows how hiking can be an economical way to participate in recreational activities.

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Costly Food, Yummy Savings!

We all love food, but many of us tend to spend a wee bit too much money on it. Find out how Meghana still eats what she likes while still saving money!

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Is Avoiding Junk Food Healthy for Your Wallet?

Congratulations to Peter Vesely! His article, “Is avoiding junk food healthy for your wallet?” was chosen for the Jungle Talk Article Writing Contest. Read his article to learn about eating healthy and not breaking your wallet.

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