How to Buy a Car


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How Do You Get Places While Saving Money?

This article is about choosing different means of transportation to get to your destination. Whether it’s the bus, driving, walking or biking, you’re going to get there but more than one of these will save you more than a penny or two.

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Huh?! Car Insurance: Part 2

Now that you have a better understanding of the terms associated with car insurance. Join Anita in “Huh?! Car Insurance”, as she shares ways to get discounts on car insurance premiums. 

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It All Adds Up- Wheel and Deal

This is your chance to choose the car of your dreams! Let's Wheel and Deal is a game show where you answer questions and make decisions about your dream car.

Used Car Scams are Easier to Pull Off Online

September, 2012

If you are going to buy a repossessed car, buy it directly from a bank, not someone posing over the internet to be
“connected” to a bank. If in doubt, get the bank’s direct phone number and check to see if the individual is truly a bank employee or agent for the bank. And never buy a car you haven’t actually seen or test driven and had checked out by a repair shop that you know and trust.

Watch Out for Vouchers From Auto Dealers

January, 2011

Personal letters advertising a “Dealer Asset Disposal Event” stating that you are a guaranteed recipient are sent. The auto dealer may then send a voucher for a significant amount of money. The voucher says “this is not a joke, prank, or gimmick”. But is this really the case?

Why Do I Need Car Insurance?

Most of us don’t understand the concept of car insurance until we begin the process of purchasing our first vehicle. Join Anita as she shares some essentials you need to know about car insurance. 

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