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Accounts App

Accounts is an easy to use application to replace your paper checkbook. Review your monthly income vs. expense, spending by category, or income by category summaries and details with beautiful graphs and reports. Backup your data to your computer for safekeeping. Then restore it to your iOS device when you need to via the iTunes file sharing interface.
Cost: $0.99. CompatibilityiOS, Android

Ace Budget App

Ace Budget 2 is an easy to use personal finance application to help you track your spending and keep to a budget. You can create daily, weekly, monthly, semimonthly, quarterly, and yearly budgets for an unlimited number of categories. You can also schedule recurring transactions, set reminders, view graphs, compare historical data, and much more. Every feature of Ace Budget is designed to be quick, clean, intuitive, and easy to use.

Bee Farming App

Keep your wits about you while managing your own bee farm! You start up a bee farming business with only 3 swarms of bees and $100 cash. Every week, you bring the bees to a forest and show them where the flowers are. The bees will bring nectar back to the beehive and produce honey. Sell honey in BEEDEX market will earn you money to go shopping at Farmer's Co-op for more bees, a bigger honey jar, or a larger beehive. 

Bite Club

Congratulations! You have graduated from Vampire University! Now it is time for real life… try to manage your new business, pay back your student loan debt, and save for retirement.

Budget Buddy App

Budget Buddy is designed for people who want a simple money-tracking system without learning to use a full money management program. It does NOT require linking to your bank account. You enter the dollar figures so you don’t have to worry that your bank information is at risk.
Cost: $2.99, free.

Car Smart App

Car Smart includes tips and information on how to buy your first used car, and you are able to play fun games as you progress toward your ultimate goal of buying a car! Car Smart will help guide you on what, for most, is the second most important purchase of your life. • See the results from the naming contest

Celebrity Calamity

Exercise your money management skills to keep your star or starlet from spiraling into a celebrity calamity! Hollywood actors and actresses have expensive tastes- even if they're still on the B-list. Shape the careers of three persnickety celebrities through more than 40 action-packed levels! In 3 mini games you decide which gigs to book and which to pass on, take care of their shopping, and help them pick up their jaws off the floor after they get the bill.

Check App

The Check app pays your bills on time so you never stress about missing a bill again. Get reminders when bills are due, then pay them on the spot or schedule the payment for later.The Check app keeps it all together in once central place. With multiple credit cards, bank accounts, and numerous bills to keep track of, it’s too easy to overdraft, miss a payment or exceed credit limits. With this app, you never have to worry because you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

Count My Beanz

Count My Beanz is a fun tool designed to help you encourage earning, saving and donating using a kid-friendly currency called Beanz! When you sign up, you will be given a Beanz Package, which includes a Beanz Spending account and a Beanz Savings Account.

Countdown to Retirement

Get ready to retire. Will you live out the rest of your days in luxury? Will you work until the day you die? It depends on the choices you make in life and how well you manage your money. Choose a character, understand your financial situation and progress into retirement!